givers and takers

Givers and Takers

Givers and Takers –

Since the beginning of time there have been two types of beings living together on this planet:  those people who were self-serving and took –  and those who served others and gave.

At one extreme are those who lavish their own children and lives with everything they can, but when it comes to someone else, why bother?  They don’t even know them?  Why should they care?  It’s not their problem, and if they can take something from somebody else, so they have more, all the better.

Then at the other end of the spectrum are the gentle souls who give to the point of being destitute themselves.  They would give the shirt off their back and leave themselves cold.

Extremes are not healthy.  Extremes are not required.  Nevertheless, we have them.  We have children starving and homeless people living in cardboard boxes.  We also have people who own way more than they need, more than they will ever use, and they take more every day. Do you just accept that as the way life is?  Does anything inside you cry out to say ‘this is not right’?

It is not so much a middle ground between the two extremes we are seeking now, but a new understanding of giving and taking.  On the road to destruction you will find the self-centered, self-absorbed beings who have no regard for their fellow man.  On the road to evolvement you will find those that have all they want, all they need, and all they want to give all existing in one entity.

This is an Abundant Universe.  Everything is created out of energy and there is more than enough. You can always go to God with assurance that there will be plenty for you and for everyone else. No one should ever give to the point of depletion.  God certainly doesn’t.  That is not the way an Abundant Universe works.  You can’t give from an empty vessel anyway.  You must be full to give.   If you keep replenishing yourself, and stay in the flow, then no matter how much you give, you will never run dry.

Next week I will talk about the ways to get in that flow and stay in that flow – to stay in alignment with your greatest good.  First, however, there are questions to be answered:
Are you tired of the way things are?
Are you ready to make some changes to make things better?
Do you understand that all change begins with you?
Do you believe there is more than enough for all?
Do you want everyone, including yourself, to thrive?

Many people will not be able to say ‘yes’ to those things.  Sadly for them, their future does not look good.   A new day has dawned, and personally I am thrilled by the possibilities.

Many Blessings,

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