When are we giving too much

At times lessons seem to come in cycles.  There are times when we are given opportunities to go into judgment, over and over again.  Usually this goes on until we recognize what is happening and see from a higher perspective.  This happens with fear issues, and self-worth issues and just about everything about you that wants to improve.  You will be given more than one opportunity to practice a new skill, such as forgiveness, until you get it right.

One current lesson seems to be about giving.  Last week’s message was this: selfless giving keeps the ego in natural balance, the spirit healthy and the soul complete.

You may feel that you do this one pretty well.  Congratulations if you do.  Today I would like you to look a little closer, though, to see if the giving is not only generous, but uplifting and appropriately directed.

Sometimes we can give so much that we rob other people of their opportunities and their lessons.  Sometimes we can give to excess and our gifts aren’t used to their fullest potential. I’m sure you all know someone who always has something to give you, and you really wish they would stop.  You appreciate the thoughtfulness but you just can’t use another “whatever it is”. Giving too much can become a problem.

This is still a world of polarities.  We still need to look at every side of every issue to be completely well informed.  So may you continue to give.  May you continue to give in ways that complete and enrich you.  May you continue to give, also, in ways that enrich the receiver with exactly what they need.

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