Going The Distance

Going The Distance

You know how hard it is to stick to that diet – or get to the gym on a regular basis – or always do this before you do that – or any other number of things that you have promised yourself faithfully to do without fail, on a regular basis, from here on in.

You make those promises to yourself because you know that the behavior or the attitude you are trying to adopt will serve you, and help you, and make you better in so many ways.

And then you don’t do it. I don’t do it. We don’t do it. And when it comes to a spiritual practice that is readily available and easy and gives you a big bang for your buck, you still don’t do it. At least many of us don’t do it consistently enough to make a real difference in our lives.

Why is permanent change so hard? I guess it’s just easier to keep driving in the same old grooves than it is to chart a new and unwalked path. It takes effort, and commitment. Often we will start something in a rush of emotion and passion, and when the adrenalin rush is over, we go back to our old ways. In truth, we can’t keep up that initial enthusiasm without a deeper sense of desire for the outcome of our new behavior. What helps in a lot of cases is a support team. We surround ourselves with other committed people who are creating the same new path for themselves, and the group momentum keeps us going.

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