Golden Light and Christed Energies

March 15, 2011 –
Golden Light and Christed Energies –

Last week I talked about our ever increasing ability to perceive in a wider vibrational range.  This means that a lot of people are hearing from departed loved ones, angelic guides, and getting messages from ‘the other side’.  All of that is completely appropriate for where we are now on our evolutionary spiral.

Along with new abilities, though, there always comes new responsibilities.  When we start to hear things we didn’t hear before, we have to determine where they come from, and if they are even something we want to pay attention to.  You wouldn’t answer the phone and share personal information with any stranger that happened to ask you for it, would you?  The same degree of intelligence needs to be applied to anyone in Spirit who contacts you.  There are many discarnate souls who are still healing and learning, and they really don’t have much to offer you.  They might even confuse you.  There is a very simple solution to this dilemma.  It is even easier to screen calls from other realms than it is to screen calls from your cell phone.  Just intend, and even demand, that no-one can reach you unless they come for your highest good in a Golden Light and/or with Christed energies.   These are the highest lights and highest energies and carry the highest love from Divine Source.

You will always be safe if you just set these parameters.  If anyone seems to be speaking to you and their information doesn’t resonate with you, they may be perfectly fine, just not for you – not for your highest and best good.  So ask for that.  If anyone seems to be contacting you and you feel a sense of uneasiness, reinforce the requirement that they be of the Golden Light or of a Christed energy.

Did you know that someday children will be told to put on their coats, gather their books and cover themselves with Golden Light before they go out the door.  That’s not fantasy – it’s fact.  The other day on the Oprah show she shared that she does that now – -keeps herself surrounded by the Golden Light for protection.  Are you doing that?  Are you teaching your children to do that?  If not, I hope you start today.

Blessings, Elaine

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