gratitude list

Gratitude List

Gratitude List –

Is it time for another gratitude list? Every now and then we need to deliberately sit down and contemplate all the blessings in our lives. Our very first lists probably had a lot of material things on them: homes and families and jobs and friends. As the years go by we hopefully can see other more elusive traits to be added to that list.

Was there a time you could have gotten angry and instead you let it go?

Was there a time you could have given in to despair and instead found a little hope to hang on to?

Was there a time when you forgave yourself?

Was there a time when you picked yourself up and started over?

Was there a time when you were frustrated and you stepped back and took a few deep breaths?

All those and more deserve to be on your gratitude list. When your list is front and center in your mind, you will find a lot of peace.

Many blessings,

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