Gratitude Should Equal Gift

Gratitude Should Equal Gift

Has this ever happened to you? You give someone a sincere and well deserved complement and they diminish it. They say, ‘Oh, it wasn’t anything’ or ‘I’m not really that good’. This can indicate several things. Either they have low self-worth and don’t see the value in themselves – they don’t value the contribution they have made – or they think that they are being humble.

None of those behaviors is actually commendable if it belittles the gift or belittles the giver. In neither case does it acknowledge the Source of the gift.

The truth is we were made to be great. We have been given capabilities and abilities to do great things. If someone notices those things and want to comment, we should say ‘thank you.’
Then we should extend our silent inner thanks to the Source that works through us and made it all possible.

What does it mean to be humble? Quite simply, it means my gratitude is always equal to my gift.

Have a blessed day.

Namaste, Elaine



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