grieving and the holidays

Grieving and the Holidays

Every year, it seems, we hear a lot about people who passed away around Christmas time.

Somehow it seems sadder when someone dies around Christmas.   In truth our grief and pain would be just as intense no matter when our loved one left us, but when the whole world, or at least the one you see on television, is focused on fun and joy, the grief sort of has a spotlight on it.

And you always wonder “why?”,  “why now??”,  why will people always have to remember Christmas as a time when they lost someone?  “Why God, why take them home now?”

Maybe there’s an answer.  At this time of year the world is focused on love and giving.  All those wonderful light vibrations help bridge the energetic gap between God and man.   Maybe when Heaven’s energy is more readily accessible, it is easier to say good-bye to life and just slip away, if your soul was getting ready anyhow.

Maybe the joyful celebrations happening here are happening in the Heavens too.  Maybe they are a strong call for your loved ones. Maybe it has nothing to do with leaving you sad, and everything to do with going home to a wondrous party.  Maybe it puts your loved ones in a place to send you gifts, straight from God, that they couldn’t give you any other way.

If they were sick and unable to show much love to you anymore, then it seems perfect that they would jump at the chance to go home where they could shower you with love again.

As humans we think we know – at least a little bit about a few things.  We think that dying at Christmas is such a shame.  Look what the family has to bear.  Maybe we don’t know anything at all. Maybe going home for Christmas is the greatest gift one could ever receive, and puts a soul in a position to give to those they love in wonderful new ways.

Many blessings and a Merry Christmas to all,

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