guardian angels and spirit guides

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

You’ve got them.  We all do.  Actually you have many guides and family in spirit, but one main guardian who is also your gatekeeper.  This is the spirit closest to you who knows you inside and out and loves you anyway 🙂

This spirit is your biggest fan and your greatest friend.  They are often depicted and seen as having wings which are the energy streams emanating from them.  Before you came here they agreed to stay on the other side to be your direct link to the world of Spirit –  your real home.

Your guardian angels and spirit guides also monitor what comes in to you and what goes out from you.  They perform a very valuable service in this capacity.  They can keep anything away from you that you desire.  If there are any negative energies invading your thoughts or your dreams, just ask your gatekeeper to put out the ‘do not disturb’ sign.  You get to make some of the rules down here on this free will planet.  You get to decide who has access to you energetically and who doesn’t.

For example, my children always have access to me – and a few close friends, but everyone else has to spiritually knock on my spiritual door.  They are not allowed to invade my dreams or disturb my peace of mind.

And it’s simple.  Just acknowledge the presence of your guardian angels and spirit guides.  Thank them for their dedication and service to you.  Tell them what you want.  Listen for their wisdom.  They will also channel messages to you from other beings of light in your soul family for your highest and best good.  Tell them you are ready to receive those messages, and then just be open and attentive – and patient.

One thing that doesn’t translate well between this realm and the spirit realm is the sense of time.  They have none.  We are trapped in it.  I may talk about that more some other day.  For now I hope you will attempt to open up a line of communcation with your guardian.  It’s an amazing gift you can give to yourself,  and it will make their day.

Blessings, Elaine


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