Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides –

You have them.  Actually you have a complete team on the other side that is dedicated to your welfare.  Only the bravest made the journey to earth.  Many other spiritual entities didn’t want to endure this type of human experience, but they promised to watch over you and help you navigate this world.  They gain information and understanding through your experiences.  Plus, they love you – more than you can ever imagine.

Do you understand their presence and their power in your life? Sadly, many people don’t.  People will pray to God, who sends your team into action, but then those same people don’t know what to do next.  Or people may call their guardians directly, and still don’t know what to do next.

If you need help from heavenly forces, be a little bit specific. Your Guardian Angel and your Spirit Guides may read your auric field and see distress, but they may not realize that the distress is because of a flat tire, or something you just read in an e-mail.

If you contracted with them for certain restrictions before you made this earth trip, they may be limited in their ability to help.  Perhaps you intended to meet a certain person to learn a certain lesson.  Let’s imagine the person is difficult and you keep asking your spiritual team to get them out of your life.  That may not be possible until the lesson is learned.  They will, however, try to bring you all the comfort they can, and all the information you need to learn the lesson and move on.

Perhaps you really, really, really want independence and freedom and so you have your heart set on a car, thinking that will fulfill your needs.  They see the bigger picture, though.  They see better opportunities to bring you the independence you want. They see problems associated with car ownership that they know you wouldn’t want.

So please keep praying, please keep trusting and please keep asking.  Keep the communication lines open.  Learn to wait for answers.  Then learn to see gifts that comes wrapped in a different way than you expected.  When something wonderful and unexpected does drop into your daily life, remember to give thanks.  Your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides are hard at work round the clock sending blessings and loving you.  Once you get a relationship going, you may remember how much you love them too.

Blessed Be,

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