Guidelines for Successful and Meaningful Meditations

Guidelines for Successful and Meaningful Meditations

Guidelines for Successful and Meaningful Meditations –

You are probably aware of the general recommendations for meditation. It helps to be in a relaxed physical state, in a safe and serene location, focused on breathing, and a place where you limit outside distractions. People generally use a favorite breathing technique or mantra to help them focus within for their meditation time. Today I wanted to share some additional guidelines that I always use in my meditations.

First I call in the golden white light of God. When someone is in a place of meditation they are opening themselves energetically to pulling in refined vibrations from above, below and around them. Since our normal everyday environment is filled with fear and stress and much more, this intention makes sure that only the purest, highest, and best reach you in the most benevolent form it can.

Secondly I send up gratitude. I thank the elementals who are present in the beauty of mother earth, and who are always working on my behalf to keep me energetically grounded to this reality we are currently in. I thank the Angels and Spiritual Guides who can always ‘move closer to me when I think of them.’ My awareness of them brings us into vibrational resonance. I thank Creator God for everything, and I thank my own Spirit for empowering me with intuition and insights far beyond mere human capabilities.

Third I state my intention for my meditation. It can be involved or very simple. I may be seeking enlightenment about something, or I may simply be choosing to experience inner peace. Having a purpose offers direction to your meditation time.

Then you have the opportunity to practice meaningful listening. If your attention wanders, just gently remind your mind that you are on a break from thinking and it doesn’t have to work right now. You can stay in your meditation for as long as you like. Whether you choose a minute or an hour, it’s up to you.

Meditating can be really simple and short if you choose it to be. Take a breath to merely pause to relax and gently focus above and below and then within. This insures that you are connected, grounded and centered. In the next in-breath you can breathe in your divine protection and in the next out-breath you can send forth your gratitude. From there you can do what you please. Some very simple declarations are: I am at peace. I am open to guidance. I welcome healing.

If meditation is not currently a part of your daily life, I hope you will consider the substantial benefits of doing it. If you enjoy receiving tremendous rewards, free of charge, and in exchange for some simple, heartfelt, joyous work, then meditation is for you.


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