If you deliberately lied, hurt, stole, took advantage of someone or committed some terrible act, you should feel guilty.  Guilt is a completely appropriate emotion under those conditions.  It comes for a reason.  It should make you want to do better, be better, make up for what you did wrong and ask the injured parties, and God, for forgiveness.

Some people never feel guilty no matter how much damage they do and that is unfortunate for them.  They are stalling their own spiritual growth.  They are putting roadblocks between themselves and their spiritual guides and helpers and they are on a road that leads away from, rather than toward Divine Creator, the Source of all joy and peace and fulfillment.

There are also people who feel guilty for something appropriate, and they are sorry, and they do want to do better and be better and make things up and ask for forgiveness.  So they do all those things, and they still go around weighted down by a heavy load of guilt.  That is no longer appropriate.  Now they are blocking their own reconciliation and recovery.  They need to accept God’s forgiveness.  They need to forgive themselves.  They need to let it go and move on.

Then there are people who carry around huge loads of guilt for no reason whatsoever.  It may be leftover from your childhood where you were made to feel constantly guilt ridden, rather than correctly disciplined.   It may be left over from early religious training that encouraged guilt because they said you were innately flawed and would never be able to get it right.   Perhaps your life has been filled with dysfunctional people who enjoyed making you feel guilty for everything.  Sometimes just because you liked red when they wanted you to like blue. That guilt serves no purpose.  It is completely inappropriate.  Let it go today.

It may be something you have done to yourself, by setting impossible standards for yourself, and never accepting the fact that humans are not infallible, humans make mistakes, and mistakes can be corrected.

Some people carry unbelievable amounts of guilt over things they never intended, are truly sorry for, and want to make up for any way they can.  At that point, guilt becomes a completely non-productive and debilitating emotion.  It has done its job.  Think of guilt as a bridge.  Once true forgiveness has been asked for and amends made, you are on the other side.  The bridge is no longer needed.  It’s time to let it go.

I touched on this lightly last week, but it is worth repeating.  If you can forgive and release the perpetrator, even if the perpetrator is you, to the care of God, then you are free to receive Divine Compensation.

Divine Compensation is a spiritual law.  There must always be a balancing of energy.  Forgiveness leaves a wonderful space that must be filled by something wonderful.

Our Creator is amazing.  So are you.   You are His Creation and carry his Divine Spark within you.  Celebrate that today.  Celebrate the fact that you have been allowed to try out life on earth where free will is the order of the day, mistakes are inevitable, re-dos are possible, forgiveness is always given when you sincerely ask, and learning to forgive yourself is a valuable asset to your forward progress and peace of mind.  If you are overcome by guilt, I pray you take the necessary steps to restore the balance and move forward in gratitude and grace.

Many Blessings, Elaine

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