Halloween and All Saints Day

Halloween and All Saints Day –

Both Halloween and All Saints Day have fascinating historical origins. They grew out of the original Celtic celebration of Samhain – The ancients wore masks and left food and lit bonfires to keep themselves safe from ghosts. The church turned the next day into a day to remember past departed Saints as part of the attempt to get pagan worshipers to embrace the church.

It’s been said that the veil between the worlds thins at this time of year and it’s easier to access the world of Spirit. Since so many people do believe this, that alone makes it work that way.. How do you view the world of Spirit? Is it a scary place filled with ghosts and goblins? Is it a loving place filled with Higher Beings of Light? Or is it a place where you will find all your deceased loved ones? Some of those departed you may not have cared for when they lived here on earth, and you probably don’t want them hanging around now either.

The answer is all three. Not sure about the goblin part, but ghosts are residual energy that can be loving, benign or still carrying negative energy. Many people see this residual energy and it is nothing to be afraid of. If it feels okay, send it love – if it feels lost, direct it home to the light – if it feels threatening call your gatekeeper, which is sort of your guardian angel, and state very clearly that you are not allowing any access of that kind of energy to your energy field. Tell it to go.

If you desire a closer contact with departed loved ones, just tell them so. Use a physical object that connects you to them and invite them in to join you. You may hear something, or feel something, or sense something or not – doesn’t matter – if you called they are there. Just talk to them. They will hear you and will be sending their love and support back to you.

You can also call a departed friend or relative if you still have something to work out with them, and have a conversation. If you are mad at them, let them know. If you are sorry about something that happened between you, apologize.

Crossing over to the ‘other side’ doesn’t end relationships with others at all. If just changes from a form we are familiar with to a form we need to explore and learn about and then use.

I personally love Halloween – not for the decorations and the candy although those certainly are fun. I love Halloween for the opportunity it presents for the world of humanity and the world of Spirit to intersect. Happy Halloween and a Blessed All Saints Day to all.


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