happy holidays start with you

Happy Holidays Start With You

Happy Holidays Start With You –

There is an old song that says in part:  “Happiness – different things to different people – that’s what happiness is”.

How can you be happy for the holidays?  It’s a time when a great number of people are focused on loving and giving, and those energies are real and tangible.  If it would make you happy to be part of that you can be, by simply loving someone and giving something from your heart to someone else.

To some people happiness is family – to some it is socializing – to some it is deep inner feeling – to some it is the sights and sounds and tastes and smells.  Nothing is wrong.  Nothing is right.  Your feelings about the holidays and your happiness or joy level just are.  Like everything else, you can create and partake of what pleases you in some form or another.

Holidays are spiritual experiences and every person is at a different level of spiritual awareness and spiritual growth.  What will you make of your holidays this year?  The most important element to remember is that you will get out of them what you put into them.  That’s the law of attraction at work and it’s as powerful as ever.  Happy holidays start with you.

I am having the most nontraditional Christmas I have ever had.  I will be traveling, and not even sure where I will be from day to day.  I can’t wait to see what comes to me and what I can create out of the experiences available.

My thoughts and my love and my healing blessings go to all of you as we celebrate, and enter into another New Year.   I will be taking several weeks away from my computer and my messages to you – so I’ll be seeing you sometime in January.

Blessed Be,

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