Happy New Year

December 30, 2013 –
Happy New Year –

We have much darkness at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, even though the days have already started to get longer again.

How do you view darkness?  Scary?  Negative?  Our movies have defined it for us.  The ‘dark side’ is the bad one – the one to be feared and eliminated.

That definition has served us okay until now.  We wanted to explore the ‘dark side’.

But darkness itself, is actually something quite different.  If you can view all darkness as unmanifested energy, you can use it quite nicely.  In reality it is quite neutral.  It is only humanity that has taken it, and warped it, and defined it.

We are again at another beginning.  The start of a New Year – 2014.  This year can be the one where we gather up all the darkness in our lives, and – pretending it is cookie dough – gather it up, roll it out again, and create some new shapes.

The darkness – the fear and the unknown – only holds the power you give it.  If you understand that the future unknown is your package of legos or tinker toys, and you finally acknowledge that you are a master builder, 2014 could be the best year yet.

Blessings, Elaine




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