Happy New Year

January 1, 2013 – Happy New Year –

Most people face the first day of a New Year with desires to begin again.   We always want to make this year better than last.  This year I will overcome that obstacle.  This year I will enjoy that experience.  This year I will finally —————–.   You fill in the blank.  You know what you want.

The past has shown us that good intentions alone are never enough.  We have to begin with motivation and action and continue with commitment —  and it’s hard to keep that level of commitment going.  It’s hard for all of us.  Most of us fail sometime in February.

This year, however, – THIS year is different.

Last year we were on the runway and our plane was gaining more speed with every second.  We were apprehensive about the lift-off and buckled in our seats.  And then – finally – the plane is in the air –  December 21, 2012.  The people who expected the end of the world are still here.  The people who expected nothing probably felt nothing.  The people who expected a lot were disappointed.

Lift-off is like that.  When the plane suddenly leaves the ground, all the feelings of speed and the stress of the wheels on pavement are gone.  Suddenly you are floating in perfect peace.

A monumental change has taken place – you are airborn – and you feel?   Possibly very little.

A glance around will show you the same traveling companions, the same tray table in front of you, and the same concerns you carried aboard.  But watch ——————–

The seat belt sign has gone off.  You can get up and move around the cabin.  You are no longer bound by gravity.  Something else is keeping you up.

And that’s exactly what has happened to your life.  You are no longer buckled in your seat, no longer immobilized, and no longer restricted by forces that kept you down.

Happy New Year –   you can move with ease now.  This year, those intentions, should you desire to make them, may be attainable.  What do you think?  Do you want to try it again?

Blessings, Elaine


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