Have You Noticed Yet?

September 14, 2010 –
Have You Noticed Yet? –

Things have changed recently.  There is one whole segment of society where people are less ego-driven.  There is a little more courtesy.  There is a little more helpfulness.  There is a lot more love.  These are people who understand that love is not so much what they do, as who they are.  They have learned to value themselves, and therefore everyone else.

Of course there is another segment of society firmly stuck in old ways of behavior and acting out of selfishness.  There is yet another segment of society that are loving and kind, but locked in belief systems where they still give their power away to others who they feel are more deserving than they are.

It is the time of division.  It will ultimately end in complete separation.  Each group of people will attract exactly what they need to further their own experiences and their own lessons and everything is in complete and perfect Divine Order and Balance.

As time goes by these different groups may not even run into each other as much during the course of the day.  Unless you are out there every day working with the public at large, you may only be aware of their existence if you watch the nightly news.

Have you noticed yet?

Blessings, Elaine

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