Having Fun

October 5, 2010 –
Having Fun –

You will be getting this message 2 days early this week, because by Tuesday I will be in New York City visiting my son, shopping in Chinatown, riding the subway, hearing some great music, and in general having fun.  Sometimes our work lives and day to day responsibilities can overwhelm us and we forget to stop and enjoy life.  We forget to have fun.  Today is just a simple reminder that the earth has a lot of beautiful things to offer us if we just stop and enjoy once in a while.

You may be facing some tough decisions, dealing with some difficult relationships, balancing and juggling work and bills or just struggling with stresses and problems.  No matter what they are, they won’t go away by staring at them and worrying over them.  Turning your attention to something joyful once in a while may give you the strength you need to deal with them.

You may have discovered how to live in joy and appreciation and your play times are increasing along with your attitude.  Good for you.  Keep on being the example of how to deal with life, and wherever possible bring a little joy to the people who are still struggling.

It may sound too simplistic but nevertheless it’s true – laughter heals.  May you have a happy day.

Blessings, Elaine

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