Healing The Earth

Healing The Earth

Healing The Earth –

The earth needs you – now.  Please listen to the call and respond with positive action.  Please.

I’ll start with the truth because that’s always where change has to start.  We are in trouble on this planet.  Unchecked, the pollution by both physical substance and energetic vibration, will grow beyond our ability to clean it up.  Unless slowed down, the melting of the polar ice caps will cause worldwide weather changes sooner rather than later.  Unless we stop it, the world will continue on a course of fear, and fear ultimately paralyzes and then kills.

Let’s not go there.  We don’t have to.  You can make a difference today, right where you are. This is your life, your world, your planet, your home.  Don’t let anyone else decide what will happen to your home.  This old adage has never been more fitting:  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Please be part of the solution.  If all you can do is live in faith and forgiveness, rather than fear and judgement, then do that.  That will start feeding your life and your world with positive vibrations rather than negative vibrations.  Pray always, not just once, for mother earth.  See her restored and blessed and filled with light again.  Find a way to love and nurture yourself.  Then extend that love and nurturing to your life and your planet.

Pray for the waters and the air and the animals.  Pray for balance and truth and kindness to prevail among men.  Be the balance and the truth and the kindness in your own life.  Start there.

If someone you know is complaining or fearful, ask them what they are doing to help and change things around.  Remind them of their power in sending out positive vibrations and prayers.

Then if you feel called, move into other actions.  Talk to others about these things.  Inform yourself about your politicians and current practices.  Vote and lobby and work – and continue to model in your own life and continue to pray.

The earth needs you now.  You are the ones that can insure a beautiful new future.  Please listen to the call and respond with positive action.  We have a lot of help in this from Celestial Forces and the new children being born who carry the keys to turning a lot of this around.  Listen to the children.  Empower them to grow with positive traits and then move into action themselves.

Today we can turn this all around, but we don’t have the dubious luxury of waiting until tomorrow.  The earth needs you now.

Many blessings,

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