helping the air and the water

Helping the Air and the Water

Helping the Air and the Water –

For many years we have been holding up our society – hanging on to the status quo – and in many instances just making do with healthcare and governmental and educational systems that didn’t function very well.  Things have been falling apart, and now we are down to some very foundational elements.  We are fighting over clean water like they are at Standing Rock.  Protestors, demanding their water rights, are being assaulted by freezing water which is being used as a weapon.  You can’t get much more foundational than that.  As a child I never dreamed that the day would come when people would have to pay for water.  There were water fountains everywhere you went.

That is where the rebuilding must start – with the basics.  You might be feeling that there isn’t much you can do.  Perhaps you pray for peace and healing and then feel helpless, but you are not.  Humans have long been separated from the truth that they are powerful and the emotions they put out are powerful.   It is one thing to love, and another to ‘be’ love and project that vibration wherever you go without any conscious thought at all.

It is one thing to pray for someone to clean up the water and another to hold a glass of water in your hands and let it feel your gratitude and your love and and your blessings.  How much water do you touch and consume daily?  How much of that water do you use and consume thoughtfully and emotionally?

Dr. Emoto wrote a book and in that book showed pictures of water crystals that he had frozen and looked at under a microscope.  The crystals of water from a polluted stream were all misshapen and distorted.  Then he tested some of that water after it had been prayed over by some dedicated loving monks. In some instances he just filled a jug with water and wrote the name ‘love’ on the container as he felt the love.  The water crystals that had been loved and prayed over were absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way – and each unique and different like snowflakes.

The feelings and emotions we put out can change the vibrational structure of the very air and water around us.  We can do it. Think what might happen if we all did it.  I hope this idea will be given some very serious thought and I hope you will see the validity in it and share it.  Ultimately it will take everyone including large corporations to stop polluting, but it all begins with you.  You can infuse every bit of water that you use for your daily shower or bath with love and healing.  You can bless every breath you take and when you breathe out create the intention that every out-breath will carry healing energies and purity.

That is our power over the air and water of the world.  We can change its vibrational structure if enough of us work to do this. If small groups of us work to do this, we can change and air and water quality in our area.  Many blessings to all as we enter the Holiday Season and the world is focused on love.  That’s why we feel that “Christmas Spirit’ in the air.  There are a lot of us projecting it at one time.  Let’s keep projecting it once the season it over.

Many Blessings,

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