February 23, 2010 –
Helplessness –

I’m sure there are plenty of times when things happen and you feel completely powerless to do anything about them.  They may be situations where you have no control whatsoever.   People are going to war, and the banks are making rules that hurt you.  A severe storm is coming, or your next door neighbor lost his job.  You would fix these things if you could – but you can’t.  They are completely beyond your capabilities.  Or are they?

Maybe YOU can’t fix it, but what if WE could?  The collective WE is powerful beyond measure.  From the privacy of your home, in the privacy of your heart and mind you can help, influence, affect, and determine outcomes.  If you are aware of an injustice, you can be assured that other people see it too.  What if everyone who was aware demanded from the Universe a fair and equitable solution? What if everyone visualized a most benevolent outcome?  What if everyone desired a win/win scenario?

From time to time people have gathered in their churches, or on the internet, or because of a suggestion from mass media.  They have gathered their thoughts and prayers, and projected them with results that are measurable and verified.  We are powerful when we work together.

Too often, however, we are moved by something we hear or see and it just makes us feel sad, or mad, or helpless.  The only action we feel moved to take is to wish that it wasn’t so.

The good news is that you don’t need an invitation to participate before you can add your positive voice to the collective.  Let it happen every time you become aware.  Whenever you see something you don’t like, get pro-active in calling for a meaningful solution.  Trust that your inner voice, and every inner voice, is creating something new.

If YOU do this consistently with faith and trust,  then WE will see real solutions manifest in real life.

Namaste, Elaine

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