higher vibrational energy

Higher Vibrational Energy

Heavenly Vibrational Layers and higher vibrational energy

What happens to you when you die?  From all indications you reach a moment of clarity when you realize you are no longer in your body, and yet YOU are still YOU.  You have just taken off the suit of flesh and it happened as easily as if you had taken off your sweater.  You may be a little disoriented, but there will be a loving presence near you and you instinctively know they are there to help you.  You still have choices and you still retain your personality.

If you had a strong Christian faith, you may see Jesus.   If you left abruptly in an accident you may be a little confused, until someone like an Angel comes and explains things to you.  If you left after a long illness and were looking forward to the transition, you may feel pure joy.  There are many  different experiences that are available.  Yours will be perfect for you because the experience will match your soul’s vibrational level.  You will, however, be existing in one of the many vibrational layers that make up the Earth’s astral plane.

We don’t know how many layers exist, but there will be one that has the same vibrational tone that you do.  There will also always be one a little higher where the light of God is shining even brighter.  Your soul will be surrounded by family and teachers and angels and you will be encouraged in every moment to grow.

If we were presented with the total brilliance of God today, we couldn’t take it.  Our nervous systems would literally burn up.  So God in His wisdom has created a system where we can open to His Love layer by layer.  Someday we will grow enough and be able to reunite in totality with our Creator.  That day is a long way away by human measurement of time.

So for now we can take comfort in the knowledge that every time we let God love us a little more, and we pass the love on to someone else, we are ascending in consciousness and growing toward our ultimate reunion with God.

Blessings, Elaine

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