Honoring and Healing the Past

Honoring and Healing the Past –

If my Dad were still alive, today would be his birthday. I don’t know if birthdays still matter once you get to Heaven, but here on earth a loved one’s birthday always triggers an emotional connection to them, no matter what realm they are living in. So today I know my Dad’s spirit is close by. When I remember him I remember love, and encouragement and a beautiful positive attitude toward life. I’m grateful to have those memories, and I know it. Not everyone had parents that nurtured them appropriately. If you didn’t have that sort of upbringing there may be a few things you can do to help the situation.

First, understand. Your parents probably gave you what was given to them and that was the best they had. If you never received enough love, it had nothing to do with you. You were wonderful from the moment of your birth, and if you weren’t valued and adored it was their problem, not any lack on your part. So understand, it wasn’t your fault.

Secondly, learn to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself to help let go of sadness and anger and frustration and all the rest. Forgive them if they weren’t able to meet your needs. It may free you of a great burden you are carrying.

Third, go back and offer that love to yourself. Picture yourself as a child and then picture yourself as a guardian angel holding that child and sharing all the love and positive uplifting things you can possibly offer. You know what you needed to receive back then. Go back in time in your memory and give it to yourself. Change the vibrational aspect of what happened, and bring that new vibration back with you. It can be done.

We can’t necessarily change the past. What’s done is done. We can however, change the vibration we carry regarding that past from one of sorrow to one of comfort and understanding.

Today I wish my Dad a Happy Birthday, and I know the day will come when we will be together again.

Many blessings,

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