Honoring Your Spirit

Honoring Your Spirit

Honoring Your Spirit –

How long have you lived upon this earth?  Long enough to have gotten to know yourself?  Sometimes, getting to know oneself is a life long pursuit, and some people never ever achieve a state of deep self awareness.

The truth of you is that you are an Eternal Spirit have a brief human experience.  Once you incarnate into a physical body you enter into a dimension of time and form, and what looked brief from the other side is suddenly a vast uncharted lifetime ahead of you.

Before you came here you had a complete understanding of the reality of the Divine Creator and the way Divine Creator has sent forth energy to explore and reproduce and create on its own.  That is pure love – giving of the light that you are, unselfishly and completely.  That is what Divine Creator did.  We all carry that Divine Spark within us.  If we didn’t we could not exist at all.

Therefore, within you, is the capability to love, forgive, overcome, achieve, create, and whatever else you desire to bring forth from the vast storehouse of your unbreakable Divine Connection.  Within you is the ability to give of the light that you are, unselfishly and completely.

But coming into a dense physical body has caused some temporary amnesia.  Most of us really have to work at it, to remember who we were, who we are and what we came to do.

Do you honor the Spirit that you are?  Do you honor the Spirit you carry within?  Do you treat yourself kindly?  When you fall down, do you get up again?  Do your forgive?  Do you honor the vessel that houses your Divine Spirit, your body?  Do you nourish it and cherish it and treat it kindly and give it what it needs for optimum performance?

Do you honor your mind by filling it with positive thoughts and seeking out truth for it to focus on?  Do you honor your emotions by loving the sad, lower vibrational ones, back to health?

Do you honor your Spirit by spending time in meditation to reconnect with the totality of who you are?

I want you to know beyond any shadow of a doubt, that by just making the decision to come into physical form and give it a try, you have achieved soul advancement and growth.  You set goals for yourself before you came here, and if life has seemingly dealt you a bad hand, and you haven’t played it well, you will always be given another chance at another life to try again.

Personally, I have made the decision to play the hand I was dealt as well as I can to the best of my ability.  I don’t want to waste my next incarnation coming back to fix things I could have fixed on this trip.

Many Blessings,

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