How Do You Feel?

December 10, 2013 How do you feel?

Christmas is coming.  Even for those who don’t celebrate in a religious way, we have created a holiday around trees, and Santa, and gift giving –  and people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season whether they want to or not.  That doesn’t mean they get caught up in the joy and camraderie of the season.  Sometimes they just get caught up in the emotion.

The emotions of Christmas can be overwhelming.  You may be finding yourself happy and excited by the shopping and the planning, or not.  You may be joyous at the gifts you were able to buy, or depressed over your financial situation.  You may be looking forward to being with family and friends or sorrowful because there is no one to share the day with.   You may be looking forward to going to church, or have no intention to ever do that.

There will be some people who will feel sad when Christmas is over and normal life comes back once more.  There will be many who will be relieved to be back in the everyday routine.  There will be some who even set their intention to ignore what is going on around them, and just go within and endure.

One thing is for certain.  The next few weeks will make you feel something.  Perhaps something you can avoid feeling at other times of the year.

And those emotions?  They are unique to the human experience.  They are, possibly, one of the reasons that your soul chose this earth adventure.

So, whatever you are feeling in these next few weeks, take some time to look at it.  Take some time to sit with it.  If it is joyous, celebrate your feelings and give thanks for them.  If it is apprehensive or sad or mad, then honor that.  It if is avoidance, admit it.  Your feelings are not your reality.  They are only your response to a situation.  Nevertheless, they came from you, and only you can change them, if you so desire.

Sometimes your soul doesn’t want to change.  That’s okay.  Understand and accept that.  You are not a victim here.  You are an experimenter.  You are an observer.  You are a creator.

Holidays are human creations to give the human beings the opportunity to feel.  You may feel closer to God or you may feel lost and alone but, chances are, you will not be able to resist this opportunity to feel something.  Those feelings don’t define you and they don’t have to rule you.  They can be your Legos or Lincoln Logs – build with them what you will.  –  And no matter how you feel, in the words of The Group, ‘play well together’.

Blessings, Elaine

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