How do you imagine the Future of Medicine?

The Future Of Medicine?

Picture this.  You go to a doctor who scans your body with a hand held device.  It buzzes a little bit, and then a holographic image of your energy body is projected into the room.  You and the doctor together can see areas where things are not flowing as they should.  Maybe your heart, or your lungs, or your muscles are not functioning optimally and they show as blockages.  You then meet with a counselor who helps you see what thoughts you are holding onto that contribute to the blockages.

Next you enter a room with a comfortable looking couch and you lay down.  Several healers gather around you.  Your holographic image is projected overhead.  The healers then begin to use hand held crystal devices that project sound and light vibrations to different parts of your body.  You watch your holographic form as its blockages clear.  You see yourself becoming whole and complete again in every way.  Your energy patterns all reform to perfect health.

When they are finished, after about an hour and a half, you are encouraged to rest  for a while if you like.  Then you are offered a cup of healing tea while you meet one more time with your counselor, who helps you create a plan for living in which the blockages will not come back.

There is a meditation space on the way out of the healing facility and you stop there – as you always do – to give thanks for your wholeness, and to make a commitment to the changes that will keep you healthy.

Of course, you are still a human being, and even a fifth dimensional human being can have some circumstances arise where blockages form again.  So you will probably be back.  You feel wonderful though, and it didn’t cost you anything.  You know that any  ‘payment’ will come in the form of you helping someone else, whenever you can, and wherever you can.   All in all,  it was a pretty nice day.

Just a story?  A future vision?  You decide.

Blessings, Elaine


One thought on “How do you imagine the Future of Medicine?

  1. Hi Elaine,

    I love this, and want it for everyone. Thank you for
    All your loving thoughts.

    Cindy in Mich.

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