how does god answer prayer

How Does God Answer Prayer?

Many people live in a beautiful place of trust and faith.  They prayer with deep sincerity and their prayers are answered in miraculous ways.  That’s all they need to know.  That’s wonderful. I, however, seem to be one of those people who always wants to know ‘why’.  How does that work?  How does God engineer those miracles? I know that God does, but my curiosity has always inspired me to figure it out.

That question has been answered as I pursued my metaphysical studies and the answers are fascinating.  Just as God uses seed, and sun, and rain; and people who grow, and bake and deliver to give me my daily bread, there is a whole network of Beings ready to bring me God’s blessings.

First we have the Archangels and Angels who radiate pure unconditional love, power, strength, joy and whatever else we need in our lives.   Then there are a huge realm of Ascended Masters and Councils of Light beings that are dedicated to specific issues: some to health and welfare, some to education, some to the environment, and so on.  We also have many different civilizations living in many different forms and on different vibrational layers. These civilizations and forms have information that we don’t have, and they share gladly with us when asked.  Of course we all have our individual Soul Families and certain Guides and Guardian Angels that are assigned directly to us and are our immediate connection to all the other Beings of Light and eventually through the chain of command out to God, who is actually ALL.  We should also never forget the Elemental Energies that are right here with us on the the surface of the Planet and help our bodies to function and the world to thrive.

Since God is pure love, and encompasses everything that is, it is hardly surprising that his system for taking care of us is highly efficient and flawless.  It is.  He has told us how to access this infallible network.  Live by the ‘laws’:  You get what you give. Your thoughts create your reality.  Pray unceasingly.  Fear not. All good things come to those that love the Lord.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.

That’s it for today.  Actually it’s all we will every need.

Many blessings, Elaine

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