how many decisions are made in a day

How Many Decisions Are Made in a Day

Making Choices

Every day we make hundreds, or maybe even thousands of decisions and choices.  Should I get out of bed now, or in two minutes?  Maybe I’ll stay in bed for 3 or 4 more minutes.  And then all the others – what to eat and what to wear and what to do first and what to do next and what to think.  That’s a big one – what to think.

From the first moment I arise I can choose to think about my problems or my blessings.  I can tell myself I don’t have enough time, or I can tell myself I always have plenty of time for things of importance.  I can watch the news on TV and allow myself to get upset by all the problems in the world, or I can bless the world and focus on myself and what I can bring to this day.

I can take offense or I can let things go.  I can worry or I can trust.  I can stress myself out, or bring myself to a place of peace.  I can react or I can respond.  I can choose love or I can choose judgment.  I can appreciate or I can criticize.  I have absolute and complete power over my internal being.

Sometimes it may not seem so.  If it feels as though your emotions dictate your behavior, that is an untruth.  On some level you are giving permission.

If you have given away your power of decision to some part of you that seems beyond your control, then it is time to call it back.

You, the powerful being that you are, get to make the choices for your life.  When you find yourself in self-pity, you have given permission to reside there.  When you find yourself angry, you have allowed yourself to be.  When you decide that you have had enough self-pity or anger, you can choose to move back to a place of balanced, centered comfort.

May you make the decision, in this moment, to accept your power.  When you think about how many decisions are made in a day, may every choice you make bring you the joy you deserve.

Namaste, Elaine



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