How Often Do You Play In Another Reality?

How Often Do You Play In Another Reality?

We live in a world that seems solid and stable and, since we don’t think about it too much, we seem to be sharing a lot of the same things – the same weather – the same government – the same food supply system and many others.

Consider this, though.  This planet is a playground.  There are slides and swings and even some wooded areas to explore.  There is also a big empty playing field and there is a game going on.

Did you know that when you came here, you signed up to play on one of the teams?  The teams are focused on the game.  You figured you would be happy doing that, but now you see all the other options.

Some people have opted out of the game.   They are off doing their own thing.  It’s a free will world.  You can do that.

Some people are only half into the game and until it is their turn, they are wandering off – each in their own reality, and each reality just as ‘real’ as all the others.

We all share, at present, a combination of 4th and 5th dimensional realities.  That is where the game is being played.  But the swings and slides and woods are options too.  When you go exploring you are shifting your attention to a higher dimensional reality.  Here you become aware of angelic beings and departed loved ones who reside in those dimensions.

If someone sees life differently than you do, it could be that they are just looking at it from a different place.   Their perceptions are just as valid to them as yours are to you.  There is no right or wrong here.  Just different experiences.  Of course some experiences are more life affirming and positive than others, but still, that doesn’t necessarily devalue the other ones.  We came here to experience everything.  Once we can understand, allow and accept this, perhaps the world will become a kinder place.

Namaste, Elaine

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