how to bless your house

How to Bless Your House

For most people their home is their sanctuary – it’s where you go at the end of a long day to unwind, relax, and just be ‘you’.  If it is serving all your needs just as it is, that is a beautiful thing.  For many people, though, there is always something about their house that displeases them.  Perhaps it isn’t cleaned,  or decorated or straightened up to their liking.  If your home is not bringing you peace and joy in this minute, then let’s do something about it – starting now.

I’m sure we all have projects that we will  get to someday – that doesn’t really matter.  You don’t have to have everything completely finished and perfect to enjoy your home.  In fact, have you ever gone to a friend’s home where everything was in place, and no speck of dust could be seen anywhere, and yet it felt uncomfortable in some way?  Perhaps it was too perfect.  Maybe you didn’t feel like you could kick off your shoes and curl up on the couch and relax.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today – how your house feels.  If you are particularly sensitive in any way at all, your surroundings are impacting you in every moment.  For me, personally, I have a problem with disorder.  If things are very chaotic around me, I feel equally as chaotic internally.  In order to feel peace within, I have to observe peace without.  Not perfection mind you – just peace.

Even those who aren’t particularly aware are impacted by their surroundings on a subliminal level.  Every item you own has an energy.  Every thing you interact with has an energetic interaction with you.  Picture owning thousands of items.  Then picture thousands of tiny pieces of thread going from your heart to each and every one of them.  If you have enough ‘stuff’ it can really weigh you down.

Now if you love each and every thing, that’s fine.  Your heart is being nurtured.  But if some of those things are just taking up space, they are also taking up heart space that could be used more efficiently.

A good rule to follow is this:   to only own things that you love or that serve you.  If you really want to get to this problem on a deeper level, spend some time holding each of your possessions and asking “what purpose do you serve in my life?”   You toothbrush may inspire you with a practical reason.  A bunch of dried flowers may have a lovely emotional reason to be there.  An old pair of shoes might feel unloved, unwanted and unused, and deserve to be recycled to a higher purpose.  An unused kitchen appliance may want to go to someone who will take delight in it.  Of course you don’t need to do this with everything you own – but try it with a few things to see where your attachments really lie.  You may discover you are surrounded by things that don’t mean anything at all.  Or you may discover that you already have the innate ability to choose instinctively only what serves you.

Now let’s get down to the really important function of your home – to nurture you.  We’ve talked about what is seen – but you live even more with what is unseen.  Energy is everywhere.  It comes from possessions.  It comes from people.  We bring it with us every time we enter.  It lives in the walls and in the floors.  It comes from beings in Spirit who reside there, or walk with us as Guardians and Guides or who come at our invitation – or who sometimes come uninvited.

There could have been some spiritual presences living there when you moved in.  They may be completly benign and you are completely unaware of them.  Your grandmother and grandfather may be frequent visitors because you think of them often and wish they were there.  Therfore, they are.  Your own Guardian Angel and the Guardians and Guides of other family members are also present.  When they are doing the job they contracted to do, you don’t know they are there either.  Not until you deliberately decide that you would like a conscious relationship.  That can be a whole lot of fun, and probably a discussion for another day.

Nevertheless, your home is filled with energy – some supportive – and some draining.  Your home deserves energetic clearing as much or more than it requires periodic dusting.  If you have never done this, you are in for a real treat.

If you have a lot of antiques, or things that came from garage sales, they came to you with someone else’s energy already attached.  They need to be cleared and brought into harmony with your energy.  Even new items that have been bounced around during transport can feel less than settled.  You need to get them  ready to go to work for you.

Today I am going to offer a few practical solutions to clear both your home and your possessions.  If, after trying these, you still feel uncomfortable, I would recommend contacting someone who works with energy and can help you clear at a deeper level.  For many people, though, the following suggestions may bring a lot of peace:

1. Stand in the middle of each room and give thanks.  Give thanks for the things the room will provide.  Thank the stove for cooking, or the TV for entertaining, or the bathtub for cleansing or the bed for providing wonderful rest.

2. Ask God to bless the things that are in the room to your highest and best good.

3.  Touch each wall and thank it for its support.

4. By your intention, fill the space with Golden White Light.

5.  Ask your Angels to be present for protection and guidance.

6.  If any particular objects attract your attention,  hold them and ask that any negative energies be transmuted and that they be filled with love.

You should only do this when you are alone, or with someone else who is putting out positive energy toward this process.  If you like you can play some beautiful music and carry with you a lighted candle.

This is certainly only a preliminary, and very cursory glimps into working with the energy of your surroundings, but I hope I have given you some incentive to begin.  Please reach out for help, if something in your space is not serving you.

Blessings, Elaine





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