how to change your mood

How to Change Your Mood

Just A Thought

Did you ever have one of those times where things were really going good, and you were in the flow,  and you were manifesting, and all your energy was going out, out and out some more as thankfulness and appreciation and excitement and enthusiasm?

Those are great times, aren’t they?  I hope you have a lot of them.

Have you ever also had those days when the weather was dreary, and your outlook on life was dreary, and nothing seemed to be happening, and all the enthusiasm you had just went out the window?

What do you do in those times? Learning how to change your mood in those moments can change your entire day.

I’ve been thinking about that, and recently I was given a very clear, and comforting answer.  Once again – planet of duality and balance and opposites.  That’s where we live.  No one can be ‘up’ all the time.  There will be ‘down’ times.  Did you realize, though, that during those ‘down times’ you are integrating all that you had generated during the ‘up’ times?

Think of yourself as a computer if that will help.  Sometimes you receive tons of messages and information and sites to look at and ideas to process.  Then you reach a point where your computer starts to run slow and you need to empty your in-box and do some housekeeping to dump old files and maybe update some new programs.  Sometimes if you run a scan you just have to let it do its thing while you go do something else.

That’s what happens to us.  During the ‘down’ times our spirits are doing some housekeeping.  We are uploading some new files to manage all the new blessings we said we wanted.  It feels boring, and maybe even overwhelming or depressing, but it’s only part of the process.  Nothing has gone wrong.  You haven’t been deserted by your Heavenly team.  You haven’t taken a step backward.

Maybe the next time you feel sad and things don’t seem to be working out, you can remind yourself that you might be in the integration phase.  That’s all.  Nothing too heavy or serious.  Nothing to fix.  By the time you watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk, take a nap, meet some friends for coffee, clean something up, and tend to those repairs, you will probably be back on line.  Just a thought on how to change your mood.

Blessings and More,  Elaine


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