how to deal with fear

How to Deal With Fear

A Different Point Of View

For years we have been hearing, and teaching, that love and fear are opposites.  You’ve heard that if you are in fear, then you must not be in love.  For many people, that information doesn’t work.  When you love someone so very, very much, and they are sad or hurt or in danger, it is almost impossible to separate the fear FOR them from the love OF them.  I know it.  I’ve been there.

Even though in the ideal model of the ideal world, love and fear are polar opposites, we aren’t there yet.  So here is what sometimes happens.  Your logical mind tells you that the law of attraction is always in place.  Your mental body knows that in order to manifest a good outcome you have to be focused on positive uplifting thoughts.  And then something happens to someone you love, and fear kicks in.  All positive uplifting thoughts fly out the window and now you have two problems.  Not only are you in fear for your loved one, but you are now worried and guilty that you are manifesting the exact opposite of what you really want.  Then to make matters even worse, you pray for help and there is no one there.  Now you’re mad too.  They said they would be there.  When you are in that downward spiral your angelic guides can’t match your low vibration and so it feels as though they are gone.

So today I hope to offer you some comfort, some understanding, and a plan to put in place when the fear kicks in.  By the Grace of God may you never need this information, but if you do need it, maybe this plan on how to deal with fear will help you stop it there, before you go into guilt and anger.

First, accept the fact that loving so, so much may sometimes bring pain.  Second, accept that when you are in pain, your emotional body has taken over, and your mental body and all its knowledge will not help you right now.  Third, understand that you probably won’t be able to re-establish communications with your guidance team until your emotional body crashes into something and stops your downward spiral.   You are sort of like a car that has lost its brakes.

So if you ever find yourself in this position, try your emergency brake ( prayer) first.  If that fails too, then just know this:  by your intention your car is well insured and equipped with air bags.  Whether the fall ends shortly in a gentle ditch, or goes off the side of a mountain and lands in a river below, you will be able to pick up the pieces once the car lands.  Your angelic guides are there waiting, and if the fall has been particularly bad they are probably even waiting with a brand new car.

Today I hope I was able to offer you a different point of view on how to deal with fear.  Sometimes we go into fear.  Sometimes we lose communication.  Sometimes we spiral out of control.  Sometimes all we need to do is accept that this sometimes happens,  and there is always help at the bottom of the hill.  Have a blessed day.

Namaste, Elaine

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