how to get what you want in life

How to Get What You Want In Life

Getting What You Want –
November 30, 2010 –

What do you want for Christmas?  Clothes or games or gadgets or entertainment opportunities?  Many people do.  They want stuff.  More importantly, and perhaps less obviously, is the reason behind the stuff.  People want to feel a certain way.  Some want stuff to make themselves physically comfortable (robes and slippers and bath gels and fuzzy sweaters).  Some want stuff to feel included in a group that already has the stuff (video games and phones and the latest this or that).  Some want stuff so they can have exciting experiences or learn new things.
Mostly people want the stuff because they think the stuff will make them happy and make their lives better.  They could be completely right.  Stuff is nice.

If all you do is focus on the stuff, though, you are only half way there.  Your visualizations and positive thoughts about something will start you down the right road, but the thing that will put you over the top and into the life of your desires is your feelings.

Of course the object of your desires has to have integrity, contribute to the greater good (making you happy is a perfectly valid reason to desire something – if you’re happy you’re projecting that out into the world) and harm no one. Once those requirements have been met, though, there’s no reason that you can’t have what you want, provided that you understand that what you really want is to feel a certain way.  Here’s how to get what you want in life:

1.  Let go of all expectations of how your desire will actually look once it comes into being.
2.  Focus on how you want to feel once your desire has been met.
3.  Thank the Universe in advance for the feeling.

You may have your heart set on the blue sweater, but don’t you really want something warm and beautiful that makes you feel marvelous when you put it on?  The blue sweater may not meet those requirements.  Desiring to feel warm and wonderful has much greater chance of success.  It also saves you from that negative energy of disappointment.  Once you focus on the feeling, and trust the Universe to provide opportunities to feel it, it is ok if the actual gift is a little different from the way you had it pictured.

Here’s to feeling your way to new and more abundant lives. May you really know how you want to feel – and may the Universe bless you richly.

For more about Feelings and Manifestation of what you want, read this next post on feelings.

In love and light and service,

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