how to manifest what you want

How to Manifest What You Want

More On Feelings –
December 7, 2010 –

Last week I talked about how to manifest what you want by focusing on your feelings.  That article is titled How to get what you want in life. The focus was on the ‘things’ since this is the season of ‘things’ and, as physical beings living physical lives, we require certain things to make ourselves comfortable.

What’s even more important at Christmas, and indeed everyday of the year, are the more intangible ‘things’ that make up our everyday lives.  With that in mind I am going to share with you my Christmas list and would encourage you to make one of your own.

I want to love and feel loved.  I want to enjoy every moment of every day.  I want to bring happiness to others.  I want to travel safely and comfortably wherever I go.  I want to feel good in my body, and about my body.  I want the tasks of my life to be accomplished easily.   I want my home to be healthy and safe and a place of sanctuary for everyone who comes here.  I want to be creative and fulfilled. I want my life to be purposeful and meaningful.  I want financial security and the ability to give to others.  I want to bless the earth with every step I take and I want the earth to bless me back with every breath.  I want to do what I love and love what I do.  How about you?

Blessings, Elaine

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