How to Overcome Being Scared

How to Overcome Being Scared

In The Moment –

Quite often as we journey through life, we find ourselves anticipating, sometimes with a sense of dread, what we think might be up ahead of us.

The usual response might be to worry, or to try not to worry – or any number of solutions to distract ourselves, or to solve a problem that hasn’t appeared yet.

Of course if you are concerned about carbon monoxide you should get your furnace checked.  If you’re worried about your health, maybe there are some changes in your life style you should be making.  So I’m not talking about those things.

I’m talking about the sense of dread over the unknown – and the only way we will ever deal with that is in the moment it is happening.

There is something we can do, however, to be prepared for those moments. We need to know how to overcome being scared by using a prayer like this:

Dear God,  the next time I experience confusion, grant me the clarity to know what to do.  The next time I am filled with doubt, flood me with memories of all the times You have helped me.  The next time I experience fear, remind me immediately of how powerful You are, and how powerful I am when I let You work in my life.   Thank You.

Prayers like that will always be answered – and you will get your answer in the moment you need it.

May you have a blessed day.
Love, Elaine

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