How to Reach Enlightenment

How to Reach Enlightenment

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell, right and wrong, good and bad?  Do you like it that way?  Is it your hope to someday leave all the bad behind and go to a place where it’s all good, all the time?  A place where darkness can no longer  exist in any form at all?

If that is your hope then the following information may not please you.  The ascension, or uplifting of the earth, that is currently going on is going to result in integration, not more polarization. Reaching enlightenment encompasses all elements co-existing.

For eons our world has been polarized.  We have determined that people and things are either good or bad,  right or wrong.  We loved, or we feared and hated.  We approved, or we despised and rejected.  Now we have an opportunity to ascend out of that thinking and embrace something altogether NEW.  Those who don’t want to embrace the NEW may not be making the trip.

Some people would like to believe that we can leave the ‘bad’ and keep only the ‘good’.   That’s a lovely idea except that good or bad are subjective terms and differ from person to person – and if we did that we would still be as polarized as we are right now and the uplifting could not happen.  We would  be leaving a significant portion of energy behind and that just won’t work.

The NEW understands that before we decide how to use it, everything is just raw energy.  All energy with all its unlimited potential needs to come with us.

In the NEW we can absolutely choose love and light and joy and abundance and happiness in every moment.  But take note of the fact that those things needs to be chosen from a place where all potentials exist.

In order to read these words you need dark print on a light background.  In order to see light of any kind if has to be defined by darkness.

We can choose to go forward honoring the difficult people in our lives as our teachers.  We can choose to remember the tough times and use them as a basis for our present gratitude.

Polarization has us running away from our fears.  Integration has us facing fear head on, understanding it’s usually an illusion of something that hasn’t happened yet.  Its potential for not happening is pretty good as long as we don’t energize it with our negative emotions.

Here are some common human traits that can be viewed from both ends of the spectrum:  Aggressiveness:  positive when leading a group to safety – negative when overriding other people’s point of view.  Control:  positive if you are the parent of a 2 year old or a police officer – negative if you want to take away other people’s rights.  Judgment:  positive if you are using it to evaluate a situation to see if it serves you or not – negative if you use it to feed your ego and feel superior.

How to Reach Enlightenment? An integrated world will still contain all the energy that can be used for healing or for harm.  We acknowledge that.  We know that.  As an enlightened and integrated society we will have learned to choose the highest and the best use of that energy in each and every moment.

So will the future be all love and light and singing and dancing?  It certainly can have a lot of that if we so choose.  But it will also still have its daily challenges where we will have to make decisions on how to use this energy that is always at our disposal.  That is how humans grow – by making decisions.  That is how humans grow closer to God – by always choosing the highest and best from the “energy banquet of life”.

God is Pure Power and Pure Potential – who has demonstrated, since the first Divine Spark came forth, only Pure Love.

We can too.

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