how to solve the problems in life

How to Solve the Problems in Life

Many of us are always wondering how to solve the problems in life. A problem can rarely be solved in the same vibrational space that it was created.  If the solution was already there, the problem would never exist in the first place.  In order to fix anything you have to ‘go up’ in your perspective and your viewpoint.  The oil spill is a case in point.  They have tried fixing it with what they have, or at least are admitting to having, and that is not working.  The only viable solution is to go to something brand new.  Energy saving technology already exists.  It has not been of benefit to the oil companies to promote it because it would cut into their profits.  Even they, however, are getting desperate as they are seeing their profits flow away with the ocean currents.

This can be a major turning point for humanity if we all, in any way we are called to participate – either vocally or prayerfully – call for the use of new energy.  In your meditations see the oceans being cleared by wonderful new methods.  See your home being heated by amazing new cost efficient means.  See your vehicles powered by alternative methods that make your life easier and more affluent.

This technology already exists – call for its use in any way you can, and see once again what the power of the people can do.  Let Mother Earth keep her oil – it is her life blood and she needs it to stabilize her foundation which is the very ground that we walk on.

Blessings, Elaine

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