how to use a pendulum

How to use a Pendulum

Pendulums,  and Truth

I’m not sure whether I have ever addressed the first issue in depth – how to use a pendulum correctly – but it is very worthwhile information to have.  People unaware of their energy body, and all the layers that comprise it often put pendulums in the woo-woo category.   Throughout history channelers and seers have been discredited and made fun of.  Usually it has been by the very powerful who used these tools themselves, and were trying to steer the masses away from truth.  Movies have deliberately been made that depict all life alien to earth as ugly monsters who want to eat us or enslave us.  Nothing could be further from what’s really going on..  Don’t think that those movies are coincidence.  There has always been a deliberate and concerted effort on the part of the dark forces on this planet to steer people away from the truth.  Our media and movies are loaded with disinformation.

So there are three things that humanity must start to accept in order to move forward:

1.  There are malevolent forces in the universe that have often influenced malevolent forces on the earth, empowering them with information to gain control and maintain control, through acquisition of money, power and opportunity.  Malevolent forces are bullies who don’t care who they hurt and how many rules they have to break as long as they get what they want.  Most of them do not have three eyes, green slimy bodies and come blasting their way in with advanced spacecraft.  Many are humanoid, can blend in or shape shift easily to do their damage here, and they are smart enough to use earth beings to do their dirty work.  If you are a religious person and have trouble with this, check with your Bible.  It talks about wars in heaven.  It talks about fallen angels.  It talks about evil.  It talks about Archangel Michael wielding his sword of truth fighting for the Lord.  So there you have it.

2.  There are many, many more benevolent forces in the universe who are doing everything in their power to help the good people of earth awaken to the truth that they are powerful spiritual beings. That they are capable of overcoming the darkness with their light, which is love, which is truth, and which also backs up parts of the Bible in every way possible.  Seek the light – turn to the light – claim your power.  If you believe in Christ as your Savior then pay particular attention to the part that says with Christ (the Light) I can do all things.  When people marveled at his miracles he said “you will do greater things than these”.   That is co-creation with God.  It is real.  It is time for us to do it.  The beautiful light beings and angels who have been assisting us will never go against our free will, they intercede only by invitation, and are in fact, in many cases, our parent races who originally seeded the earth and helped in the creation of our present reality.

3.  We have many God given tools available to us, that the malevolent forces have ridiculed as woo-woo and deceptive, and that only the weak and un-educated would believe in.  Humanity has bought what they were selling for far too long.  I want to share information about one of those tools today – that you can get and start using immediately.  That is the pendulum.

Pendulums work of the principle of bypassing your conscious mind and accessing your intuitive abilities and your guardian spirits who are looking for a way to reach you.  If you purchase one, sit with it and say some prayer or blessings, that you intend to access information for your highest and best good.  Thank God and all his angelic representative for speaking to you in this way.  Give thanks for your body’s intuitive knowledge of truth that quite often surpasses your own conscious knowledge.  Then be as calm and quiet and centered as you can, clear your mind, hold the end of the pendulum chain gently in your dominant hand between your thumb and index finger, or looped gently over one finger to be held gently between two other fingers.  Hold it still over the palm of your non-dominant hand and perhaps several inches above your palm.  You can also create a variety of grids on a piece of paper and hold the pendulum over that.  First ask for permission to access knowledge in this way.  Start by saying “show me a yes”.  The pendulum will often start an up and down movement while you try, but very gently, not to guide it, but to allow it to go where it wants to go.  Then ask “show me a no”.  It will often go left and right.  Sometimes you will get a circle for yes, for a no nothing at all.  This is your intuition talking to you.  Let the pendulum find its own voice. That is how to use a pendulum correctly

Once you know the signs for yes and no, ask if you have permission to ask about the specific thing you are interested in.  Some examples may be “may I ask at this time about my health?” – then perhaps “should I be drinking more water?” – or “may I ask at this time about my responsibilities regarding a certain person?” – “is there anything I should be doing for them?”.

Understand that our emotional body wields strong influence here, and if we are looking for validation of something we already deeply want, our results may not be accurate.  Start practicing with something that you do not have an emotional attachment too.  You might ask about a phone call and if you should make it now or later for the highest and best good.  You can narrow it down to asking about timing.  Would this afternoon be better?  Would tomorrow be better?  Should the call be made at all?  Should I talk to the person in person?

There will be a learning curve as you learn to ask the right questions in the right way, and if possible practice with a friend. You will be less attached to issues that may be emotional for them.
Above all, realize that this is not absolute – just a tool that when properly used in combination with other intuitive tools can help you make good decisions.  Don’t make the mistake of giving away your power to the pendulum.  The pendulum is only a tool helping you access your own internal power.

Above all, have fun with this.  Spiritual work, growth, living in the light and love are fun. Truth is a beautiful thing to discover. And have a blessed day.

Namaste, Elaine

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