How to Value Your Self Worth

How Much Are You Worth?

Are you ever distressed by the inequality that exists?  Football players get millions for entertaining you.  Nursing Home workers get minimum wage for caring for the people that you love with all your heart.  Politicians take home huge salaries.  Many people work really hard every day, giving it all they’ve got, and yet are barely getting by.  Some people live in mansions.  Some people live in cardboard boxes.

Is this because some people are better and more deserving than others, or is this just another creation of a spiritually immature society?

Last week I talked about winners and losers and how this came about because earth school has a major lesson for us to learn.  The lesson is how to integrate opposites for the greatest good of all.

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In that message I suggested that the time has come for new – for different – for change.  It’s time to say “lesson learned – we don’t need to do that anymore”.

If you want to be part of the solution and the massive changes that our sweeping through our society then go within, reach the God of your understanding and state your willingness.  If you want to exist in the fair and just world that is forming, then state your intention to do so.  If you are willing to let go of the old ways and embrace the new, then find something in your life that is out of balance, and fix it.   If you have learned the lesson that all your brothers and sisters are worth just as much as you, and that you are worth just as much as anyone else, then you are absolutely ready.

See you in the new world.

Blessings, Elaine

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