Human Tendencies

June 28, 2011 –
Human Tendencies –

Did you ever hear the story about frogs and boiling water?  If you drop them in the hot water they will immediately jump out.  If you put them in cold water and increase the temperature gradually, they will stay put and eventually die from the heat.  Human beings are, unfortunately, a lot like frogs in this regard.  We adapt, and adapt and adapt.  Adapting and adjusting can be great qualities, but considering that we live in duality, adapting can also ruin us.  We can become so complacent that the end will catch us unaware.

Sometimes we will also ignore vital information or warnings, just because we’ve heard them so many times before.  I’m sure you’ve heard that the end of this cycle of experience is approaching.   The epoch of duality on this planet is coming to a close.  That’s big information.  That’s important information.  Since it is happening so slowly, though, we may just choose to ignore it and go about our daily lives with business as usual.  If we don’t pay attention, however, we are dangerously like the frogs who sit tight while the water heats up around them.

When the first day of the new reality dawns will you be ready?  Will you have done your emotional clearing?  Will you have dealt with your fears?  Will you have paid attention to your ego’s desires and brought them in line with your soul’s desires?  Will you have reached out to the God of your understanding and established communication and relationship?  Will you have embraced the idea that all human beings are your relations and what happens to one affects us all?

On the morning of the dawn of the new day I will be ready.  I will be compatible with the new vibrations that appear on the planet and I will be comfortable.  I can’t be sure what will happen to those who have not done their work, but it’s quite likely they will feel like the frogs who realize they should have jumped to safety when they had the chance.

Blessings, Elaine

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