October 9, 2012 – I AM –

I AM is the most powerful statement there is.  You always attract what you are.  In spite of the fact that many years have been spent  learning and talking about manifesting, what it all comes down to,  after all the techniques,  is this simple truth:  you always attract what you are.  You don’t even have to work at it.  During all the time that you have spent in learning to manifest, what you have really been doing is changing yourself into being what you desire.

I hope that as of this moment, you never again claim any sickness or sorrow or lack by saying I AM.

Instead, remember a time when you were calm, and say with conviction, ‘I AM peaceful’.

Now remember your last pay day, or gathering with loved ones, and say to yourself, ‘I AM abundant’.

Now try these.  I AM happy, healthy, achieving, overcoming, learning, growing, healing, ascending, creating, mastering, thanking, loving, participating, forgiving, understanding, safe, secure, wonderful, enthusiastic, God-centered, and complete.

And so you are – and so it is.

Blessings, Elaine


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