Immediate Things and Important Things

Immediate Things and Important Things

Immediate Things and Important Things –

Some people seem to be innately good at always taking care of the immediate needs of their lives, while never forgetting whats important, and taking care of that too.  They have a pretty good balance going.

There are others who always remember the important stuff, but then realize it’s dinner time and they never even got to the store and they are out of clean underwear.

Still others are great with the details of keeping up with a busy life, and dinner is on the table promptly at 6:00 every night, but they never have time to stop and pet the dog.

A mother with a crying infant and a toddler needs to be ever mindful that the immediate needs of the baby do not always supersede the more important needs of an older child who feels insecure.  There has to be a way to figure out how to do both. The immediate needs of a job require balance with the more important needs of the people you love.

Sometimes we can get so distracted by ‘stuff that needs to be done’ that we forget about who is important in our lives and why. Sometimes we even lose sight of the purpose of our lives.

Sometimes the people we love have to recognize that we have immediate commitments that must be kept that are not more important than they are, but just have to be done now.

All of this can get a little complicated and require a bit of juggling, but well worth a little bit of meditative time to figure out.  A balanced life can handle both the immediate and important things and leave nothing out.

For me, having a plan for the day is essential – including building in the necessary amount of ‘free time’.  If you like writing out a daily schedule be sure to include the necessary connections with those you love.  If you just like to let ‘life happen’ and it’s working for you, great.  If you are always running late and missing opportunities – or missing other people’s important occasions – or even losing sight of what your life is all about, you may need to sit back a little bit and do some re-evaluating.

There is no reason why both the immediate and important things in your life can’t fit, if you want them to and are willing to do a little bit of work to get there.

Blessed Be,

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