Importance of Dreaming Big

Importance of Dreaming Big

The importance of dreaming big

Do you remember a little while back when there was a huge earthquake in South America and it was expected to trigger a huge tsunami in Hawaii?  The world watched on TV to see when the big wave would hit the Big Island.  The big wave never came!  Millions of lightworkers world wide sent calm and peace and light.  The scientists expected the wave.  The newscasters were prepared, and yet, it never happened.  That was the collective doing manifestation work.

We are being called to action again.  Our brothers and sisters in Egypt have had enough.  They demand justice.  They have taken to the streets and are risking life and property to stand up for what they believe in.  The collective consciousness has a choice.

1.  We can do nothing – and just watch and wait as though it really doesn’t concern us and our families.

2.  We can be upset and worried about the escalating violence in the world, in which case our vibrations will feed the unrest.

3.  Or, we can be and do what we came to this planet to be and do:

We can stand in our mastery and reclaim our power.
We can call forth vibrations of peace and love and harmony and feel them in our hearts.
We can take a deep breath and intend these vibrations travel to places of unrest.
We can tune in to our own inner strength, connect with Divine will and intend a most benevolent outcome for all.

I hope you won’t wait one more minute to choose option three.  You can do something.  You can stand, reclaim, call forth, feel, breathe, tune in, connect and intend.  You are not powerless and never have been.  Together we can create the world we want. That’s the importance of dreaming big.

Blessings, Elaine

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