improving communication with god and spirit guides

Improving Communication with God and Spirit Guides

I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences in my life.  One of the most interesting is developing a really clear connection to those in Spirit.  One day a friend and I were connecting strongly to a Guardian Being in another ‘place’ or dimension or energetic expression, or whatever you want to call it.  My friend had misplaced a pair of glasses and asked the Spirit if she knew where they were.  The answer was quite interesting and surprised us both. The answer from the Spirit was,  “I don’t know.  I wasn’t there when you lost them”.

This has led to much meditation, introspection, prayer and energetic examination on my part.  Doesn’t God know everything? (Yes).  When I pray, don’t I connect to God?  (Yes).  Then what’s the problem with getting an answer?  In my mind, there shouldn’t be – it should be easy.  Then why isn’t it?  And that question always leads me back to this answer – or group of answers:

Because this is Planet Earth.  Once we were in our pure Spirit form, living happily with God as a part of God, and then we wanted to experience physical life in a physical body.  In order to do that we had to lower or slow down our vibrational essence.  This was a long, slow tedious process that has taken millions, perhaps billions of years, but we did it.  Here we are.

If you want to think of God as the most amazing super computer that ever existed then do that.  If you want to think of yourself as a very old laptop, with a dial up connection to the internet and a virus here or there, then do that.

Add in the fact that maybe when you planned to come here, computer literacy was not one of the tools you picked to bring along.

Also include the fact that your search engine will only take you to the websites you request, when you ask the right questions or type in the right key words.

Are you starting to understand why, maybe, just saying “God, help me”, might not be adequate enough for your purposes?

What I am sure of, is that there is a huge energetic connection of Angels or Beings of Light that bring through energy from God.  It’s a very, very complex super highway system and it always works perfectly, the way it was designed to do.  We all have access to God through this system.

What I do know for certain is that each of us has a place to start, and that is our own personal Guardian Angel.  Once we are clear about what we are looking for, our Guardian can direct our need or desire or question to the next energetic level, who can forward it on, if it is clear and concise.  That level can forward it on, if it is in compliance with the individual rules we put in play for our individual journey here on Earth.  That level can forward it on,  if it has a high enough vibration to continue it’s journey.  Answers can come to us from unexpected sources in unexpected ways once we understand how this system works.

Pretend you ask God this question:  “Why is my life so hard?”  What is your Guiding Spirit supposed to do with that one?  Do you mean hard physically?  Emotionally?  With a relationship problem?  With your job?  What does hard mean?  Do you mean in this moment?  During the last week?   What are you really looking for?

There are many human beings who have spent their entire lives upgrading their computer systems (energy bodies).  They have become very knowledgeable  (prayer, meditation, and studying the spiritual aspects of life).  They have learned to accept their responsibility, whether they consciously know it or not, for their part in their communication with God.  They pray with trust, confidence, integrity and love.  They either innately know, or have learned how, to ask the right questions. They pray from a very high vibrational space and they seem to get immediate wonderful answers.  So can you.

When my friend and I asked about the glasses, that question carried a very low priority vibration and it carried specific qualifications.  The answer we got was perfectly appropriate and completely accurate.  So the next time you go to God, take some time to figure out what you are really asking for – what you really want and need.  Is it courage?  Is it a sense of peacefulness?  Is it to understand an issue better?   Check the energy you are in.  Are you worried or angry?  Or are you loving and trusting?  The higher your vibrational space, the more comprehensive your answers will be.  The better your questions get, the better your answers will be.

When you are not even questioning, but are in an energy of sincere heartfelt love and appreciation and gratitude, it is almost like sending up a request for the highest and best guidance on the biggest priority in your life.  You can be assured that will make its way through the energetic communication system of Light to the highest vibration you can access in the quickest time possible.

I hope you feel empowered with this information.  I hope you will put in some time to examine the way you speak to the Divine.  If you want a better life, maybe all you need is to work on your communication skills.

Many Blessings,

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