In Tribute

February 15, 2011 –
In Tribute-

How do we feel when a soul departs this life and crosses over to the other side?  If we are fortunate we feel some loss and sadness.  We are human beings and when things touch us deeply we feel them when they go.  What a blessing that we can love so deeply and appreciate so much.   How sad for the soul who departs this life with no one left behind to care.

Last week a brave, courageous, loving soul left ‘here’ to go live ‘there’.  Many of you know him, or know about him.  His name was Charlie O’Neill and in his passing he has left sorrow and sadness and empty places in people’s lives.  He has also left a legacy of love.  He was genuine.  You can’t say that about too many people.  Charlie was a teacher.  He taught guitar and he taught life lessons every day.  Many beautiful souls teach us how to live.  Charlie did that and more.  After a lifetime of demonstrating love, compassion, understanding, generosity and  kindness he taught us one more thing at the end.  He taught us how to die.  He did it with courage, dignity, laughter and deep faith in his next adventure in Spirit.  He carried the same compassion he had for people in his life, into his death.  Even in the last moments of his life he was concerned about the people he loved and cared about.  And he cares about them still.

I’m sure that Charlie, from the other side, is discovering the joy of being able to be with many people at one time.  I think he’s finding delight in all the ways he can energetically impact this world by continuing to send his love and his faith to all of us.

Of all the 365 days in the year to die, is there one more fitting than the rest?  I think there may be.  Charlie died within a few days of his birthday.  What more fitting evidence of a life lived fully to completion. 

Charlie loved.  He really loved.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Namaste Charlie,

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