Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day –

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  Our country will be celebrating its independence with parties and fireworks and celebrations.  It’s a pretty universal attribute that we all want to be independent and self-sufficient.  It begins the minute we are born.  Toddlers are determined to figure things out and do things for themselves. Teens want to drive and then to be out on their own.  Sometimes people just want to be free of their obligations.  Some seek freedom from fears or phobias.

What do you want freedom from today?  Is it a situation or a person?  Is it an attitude that is keeping you stuck from moving forward in your life?   Is it some condition in your life that holds you back from being your true self?  Today let’s examine what freedom really means to us, and then let’s take one positive step in the direction of that freedom and independence.  We may not be able to achieve everything we want immediately, but we can take the first step in the right direction.

As you watch or listen to the fireworks may you be inspired to claim your own personal freedom and independence from some aspect of your life that is keeping you from being your own bright shining self.

Many blessings,

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