indigo children traits

Indigo Children Traits

The Younger Generation –

You may have noticed something about the kids today.  They have a tendency to do what they want.  Threats by either teachers or parents do not intimidate them.  They won’t back down from conflict and they are pretty self-assured.  Naturally those traits can manifest in two directions.  This is still a planet of polarity.

If what they want is productive and in keeping with societies standards, they are well accepted.  If what they want goes against the status quo, they face a lot of difficulties with authority.  Either way,  they are doing what they not, not what someone else expects them to.

Following a set path just to make teachers and parents happy, is not what the newer generations are all about.  They came to blaze new trails and introduce new broader visions.  They are actually wired in their DNA to see the world in a new way.  We have received a Divine dispensation to ascend in consciousness as a society, and they are leading us there.

Some of them are coming of age and they have begun to appear in the political system.  They have brought with them new technologies.  They are going to clean up the environment.  They are going to end the wars.  They are going to lessen the gulf between the haves and the have-nots.  They are going to feed the hungry.  They are going to change the world.

Our children have always been our teachers, but never to the extent that they are capable of doing that now.  If you have teenagers close to you, listen to them.  They may have amazing insights into life.   If you have little ones in your care, you are doubly blessed.  They bring information that may just amaze you.

If you ever have the chance to ask a three year old what he or she remembers before coming here, give it a try.  Some of you may be absolutely astounded at the answers you receive.  The newest ones are being born without the veil that covered us.  They remember God.   The remember who they are, and they are Divine.  These are indigo children traits. They came to show us that we are Divine too.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Blessings, Elaine

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