Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence –

In your DNA is a divine innate intelligence that contains the history of your soul and every experience you have had and all lessons learned. The amount of intelligence is profound. If you were able to tap into everything you innately carry you would always live in a state that is unimaginable. Scientists tell us that they have been able to determine the purpose of 8.2% of the human genome. That leaves the purpose of over 90% yet to be discovered.

This information can help you, if you realize that you are capable of much more than you ever thought possible. Even though we may not understand it, we can still make the effort to tap into it. What if you possessed, deep inside of you, the ability to discern perfectly. This capability would allow you to easily see the innermost motivations of others and the truth in all things.

You would also find the inner wisdom and the strength to act on this information. In a world like that, all deceptions, secrets, and hidden agendas would be brought to light and have no power.

Even though we may not possess the ability to access the totality of this information right now, we can certainly begin. First by believing it is possible, secondly by speaking to our DNA and asking that this information begin to be accessible to us, and third by acting on this information.

One way to begin would be with the ‘set-aside’ prayer. Someone shared this with me one day, and it felt very powerful:

God, let me set-aside everything I know, or think I know about ______________. (You fill in the blank.) Make me open and receptive to any new information or thoughts or feelings that come to me. Give me the insight to act when I feel that the new information that has come to me is valid and inspired.

At some point in our future, when everyone has connected with their divine innate intelligence, we will created a wondrous new world for ourselves because we can no longer be fooled by anyone, anywhere, anytime. That time may be far off for the collective, but it can begin for you today.

Many blessings,

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