is time speeding up

Is Time Speeding Up?

Since you wake up every day to the same routine and the same brand of coffee and the same barking dog next door, it may seem hard to believe that anything has changed.  The fact of the matter, however, is this:  everything has changed.

The most recent earthquakes actually changed the tilt of the earth on her axis.  The placement of the earth in the cosmos has significantly changed the energies that are now bombarding her.  Is Time Speeding Up? Time is speeding up significantly and you can have a thought, and see something happen as a result, in no time – or rather now time.  We are closer to living in the ‘now’ than ever before.

This morning I ordered a book on-line and the confirmation e-mail came through just a few seconds before the notification that it had already shipped.  Have you been thinking of someone and suddenly there they are on the phone? – or you get a letter from them in the mail? – or someone else you are talking to mentions their name and tells you something about them?  Do your moods come and go faster than ever?  Are you ever ‘up’ one minute and ‘down’ the next?  That is happening to some people.

For others, especially if they are doing something they love, time may seem to expand and last forever.  You could have just finished a very hectic day, but after a few minutes in a calm peaceful place, it once again feels like nothing is happening anywhere.  These phenomenon will continue to intensify until we get to that special date of December 21, 2012 when our Planet will be completely aligned with Galactic Center.  Past that point we will begin another cycle of experience, traveling through the Cosmos, and our relationship with time will change again.  In the future the changes will come faster than ever, but if we are centered and grounded and focused in where we are ‘right now’ we will not notice the movement as much.

Consider this analogy:  you are on a train, and the train is picking up speed.  You are looking at your watch, though, and the time is ticking off as it always has.  For you, an hour is still an hour.  And yet, in the last hour you have covered 80 miles, whereas in the previous hour you only traveled 60 miles.  Had you been looking out the window, you would have seen more is the last hour, than in the previous hour.

We know that our Planet is traveling through space at breakneck speed, and yet we don’t feel that movement at all.  We are usually completely unaware.

In the same way, time is speeding up while most people will remain unaware.  They will only know that the past and the future are becoming harder to tap into, and that what is going on now, is the only reality there is.

In the far distant future it is possible that what we are doing ‘right now’ is our only reality and we will be living in a place of timelessness.

Consider the feeling when a plane finally clears the runway and lifts off.  Instead of speed, you feel peace.

It’s interesting to ponder that things that we once thought were stable and unchangeable are in fact very fluid and flowing.

May you learn to work with this information for your own success.  Any energy you are expending on the past is only valuable if you are clearing old unproductive patterns.  Any energy you are expending on the future is only valuable if you are creating something wonderful to walk into.  Your real power lies in this current moment.  Hope it’s a good one.

Blessings, Elaine

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