its all about the love

It’s All About The Love

September is a fantastic month.  With planetary alignments favoring it, and solar energy supporting it, September is really all about the love.  We all have a long list of people and things we love.  On our earth journey, though, we’ve also learned that love is not just what we do, but who we are.  We are loving beings created in the image of a creator who is Pure Absolute Love.

September is going to present an opportunity to take our knowledge of who we are to another level.  Along with this huge influx of loving energy there is also a lot of chaos and turmoil in our political situation, our educational system, and just about any other system you can name.

There are a lot of important issues that need your attention right now.  There are also a lot of things designed to distract you from the issues and make you fearful.  When you see situations forming in front of you, a good question to ask yourself is ‘Where’s the love?’

If love isn’t present in any way, shape or form, there’s a problem.  To walk in the direction of the greater good for ourselves and our society we need to follow the trail of love. If the trail we’re examining doesn’t have love anywhere, and there’s another parallel trail that does, we have a choice to make. Following the love is the choice that always leads to happiness and success.

We were raised to do so many things unconsciously, routinely, and merely courteously, so how about amping that up a bit?  Let the routine and the courteous be a way to infuse any situation with a little bit of the love that you are.

Even in small everyday matters, you can ask yourself, ‘where’s the love’?  If there isn’t any present, you have the opportunity to put some there, and I hope you do.  It can be done as simply as offering an encouraging word, a pat on a shoulder, or a smile that comes from your heart.

I pray September will bring you blessings beyond belief, and that you will, without a doubt, feel the love.


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