Journey’s End?

Journey’s End?

We humans have been on a three and one half billion year journey. During that time the human body template has been refined, and uplifted – slowly and carefully. It has suffered set-backs when the human ego claimed control and we experienced a ‘fall’ in consciousness. We are once again moving forward at unprecedented rates. Unique blended life forms now cover the earth. You, who for eons of time, could hold only a small portion of your true spiritual essence, are now able to handle the light. Your physical form is complete. It can now hold your Spirit. How much of that Spirit is still up to you – human free will has always been the unique feature of this planet. That’s why the eyes of the universe are upon us.

Now that it has been determined that you are able, what remains to be seen is if you are willing. Now that you have the ability, how soon will you set aside your ego, and embrace your Spirit?

That has always been the plan. That has always been the goal. The grand universal experience, culminating in you – in your ability to embody your complete, or nearly complete, Spiritual essence in a human vessel.

You have been on the journey of releasing negativity and fear, and the more room you make within your biological container, the more of your Spiritual essence you can carry.

I am so excited to be teaching this information right now because it’s time. You are ready to step into your completeness and claim your spiritual gifts. Those gifts, or attributes, are accessed through your intuition – your inner knowing, which is your inner connection to the Divine. The access point is your heart.

I hear many people claim personal pride in their brilliant minds and superior intelligence. They see that as the end of the journey. It is not. It is only when the mind finally comes into complete balance with the intuition, and the heart learns to lead, that the journey is complete. Then the new human is birthed – a human angel – and a new journey begins.

Blessings, Elaine

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